It is definitely evident that a new generation of artists are arising out of Toronto. The future is literally blooming right before our eyes and most of us don’t even realize it. The 6ix has become more and more of an icon when it comes to musical cities (thanks to Drake, The Weeknd and Tory Lanez). But not everyone knows that the list of notable Torontian artists doesn’t end those three names. The Toronto underground is more talented, diverse and powerful nowadays and they’re making a stoplight for themselves. All eyes are on us and Jorge El Mago and King Jzargo are reflecting that. And how perfect is to have our first blog post be about this type of subject matter.

These two Brampton rappers come together to create a banger of a track called “New Generation”. The instrumental is produced by GHXST and surprising mixed and mastered by Jzargo’s label mate, Ziyaad Luceō. We’re familiar with King Jzargo’s music because of his connections with the up and coming indie label Outlier Entertainment but when it comes to Jorge El Mago, we’re still getting to know him. We’ve listened to a few singles and was interested to see what else he had in store which would separate him from other artists in his city and beyond. Jorge is excellent at making a catchy melody too which is shown in singles like “Fuego” and “Best” (links below). Even though, quality wise he can improve, artistically and lyrically he definitely has talent and potential.

Which brings us to this particular single. “New Generation” is definitely one of Jorge El Mago’s best song so far. He improved his quality and made his voice more clear and crisp. His lyrics were on point. And the special effects made the track more appealing and captivating (shoutout to Ziyaad Luceō on that one). We really enjoyed how Jorge was able to convey his thoughts of confidence clearly with an interesting 90’s type flow. Plus he choose a great feature in Outlier’s King Jzargo. Jzargo came through with an impressive verse with some comedic lines such as “They don’t make them how they used to, that’s why I’m rarely seen just like a MewTwo“. Again, the sound effects on his verse made it more entertaining. The deepen vocals really set the mood towards the outro of the song. Clearly, these two talented rapper both came through with an amazing song and it is obvious that they sound good together. Hopefully, we hear more from Jorge El Mago and King Jzargo soon!


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