This is the first time we’ve heard of Khaliowe and he just made some new fans! Khaliowe is Mississauga vocalist/rapper who prides himself on his atmospheric sound. From his instrumentals to his lyrics, Khaliowe has an unique set of skills that are still flourishing. As many other underground artists, it’s almost expected that they consciously and/or subconsciously get influenced by their city’s most popular artists. When it comes to Khaliowe, we hear a lot of PARTYNEXTDOOR and SAFE influences. The dark, mellow and drug induced vibe is something that Toronto artists have mastered and Khaliowe proves that.

With his latest single, “Faded”, the Mississauga artist shows off both his rapping and singing skills. Mixed with a cool ominous instrumental (which was produced by KR Moore) and excellent edits “Faded” is a great late night type track. Even though, we praise this song there are still some things that we would suggest that would improve Khaliowe in the long run. He is great with beat selection (especially with the songs “Tonight” & “Life of Lies”) but we want to see him try to do something different that doesn’t sound like a typical Toronto type song. Expand with different rhyming schemes and subject matters. But don’t get it confused, Khaliowe is very talented and will continue to grow with time. This Mississauga artist is shaping up to have a great career.

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