Outlier Entertainment’s Starter Pack releases his first music video for unreleased song, “All I Know”. Right off the bat, the Brampton rapper lets us know that something special was about to happen and he wasn’t lying. This video is a great introduction for him. Starter Pack includes snippets from a various array of moments that all come to together to represent what’s going on in his life currently. From doing with shows with the Outlier Crew to doing drugs and living the night life, it’s all there. The visuals for this is definitely a step in the right direction to showcase himself as an artist.

As for the audio song, we very much enjoyed it. “All I Know” is yet to be released for strictly listening but we kinda find it interesting to have visuals before the single is released because a lot of artists do the complete opposite. But either way, the song is dope as fuck. A great based song to bump in the whip. We won’t go in depth until the audio is released! We’ll be waiting Starter!

Listen to his other single “$wish” below:



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