All eyes are on K. Forest. The Brampton native is definitely on the come up with a great year behind him full of achievements to add to his resumé. Recently, he has been featured on Travis Scott’s latest project (Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight) on the remix of  “Guidance” which actually is a K. Forest original. Mark my words, 2017 is going to be a big year for not just for K. Forest but for many other Toronto artists. K. Forest is only one example of how the spotlight is on Toronto and we’re really taking over a major portion of the music industry. We truly hope there will be great stories to come for many talented artists in the future.

Now back to the single. “Link” by K. Forest is a BANGER and nothing else. The bass driven instrumental is produced by Brampton producer DFraser. Forest and Dfraser have profound chemistry, similar to the chemistry The Weeknd had with Illangelo back in the day. Either way, “Link” is an amazing track and really adds credibility of K. Forest’s talents.



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