King Jzargo is back with another quality song entitled “Flexin With My Wifey”. This song is produced by Taylor King (extremely credited by tags all throughout the instrumental) and mixed&mastered by Ziyaad Luceō.

We all really enjoyed this song because it was real, touching, sincere and something we rarely hear in today’s music. We all hope that artists make more songs like this because openly sharing true feelings for people in your life that you care about is always the most relatable. It’s inspirational to share a journey with a partner that is supportive of your dream. On “Flexin With My Wifey”, King Jzargo confesses his love for his girlfriend, his aspirations with the rap game and curving thirsty ass tings. The instrumental is very similar to Travis Scott’s hit “Pick Up Your Phone” expect slowed down and more tropical. This song is perfectly simple. There is nothing too extra that could be considered unneeded. The mixing is very clean and had perfect translational periods. The hook is very extremely catchy but this is to be expected with King Jzargo. He has a excellent rhyming scheme that sticks with the audience (such as songs like “Ya Ya” and “Fake Flex”).

Overall “Flexin With My Wifey” is one of favourites so far in the month of November and we are eagerly waiting for new content from Jzargo and his team.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KingJzargo



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