New music from Brampton up-and-comer Josh Dillon with the song “Lost”. This is a DviousMindZ produced project.

Here at Toronto Central, we are huge fans of the Way Cool movement and we enjoy Josh Dillon’s work with every new release. “Lost” is a faster paced track compared to his past work “Monsoon” and “Blue Picasso”. The instrumental is absolutely fucking crazy! It sounds sightly similar to Frank Ocean’s “Monks” with influences from jazz, blues and bluegrass. There is a beautiful piano riff and compliments the drum roll with perfection. In this particular song, Josh Dillon talks about being lost in his own world and losing sight of his ultimate goal in life. Josh is a great lyricist with memorable wordplay. He is able to tell a story with each song he releases which is the making of a great artist. With these dope lyrics, Dillon is able to string together an amazing melody. He really showcases his raw unique voice that we’ve been waiting for him to use.

Overall, Josh Dillon is one of the most interesting artists coming out the city right now. WayCool is consistently releases quality songs one after the other. It really has us on the edge our seat to see what else is to come!



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