Way Cool’s Kyle Wildfern releases his first song of the year and it’s fucking dope!! “Jerome Bettis Flow” says a lot about how talented Kyle is even though this song is extremely short. Within the 1:37, Wildfern makes riding the bus the most entertaining thing that could ever happen to anyone. We don’t know what it is but this guy fucking love the bus and presto cards like there’s no tomorrow. Either way, next time I hit the TTC you already know what song I’m listening to…

This instrumental is produced by GHD and BathingMontel and they both combine to make one amazingly intense beat. The beginning reminded us of the Weeknd’s song “Gone” off his Thursday mixtape. We don’t know whether it was sampled into this song but we can definitely hear the influence. Kyle Wildfern has one of the most unique voices in the Toronto rap scene right now and it’s crazy that he knows how to use it perfectly at such a young age. He has an unique taste in beats, they all compliment his style with ease so every time he releases a new track he already know it’s gunna be flames.

This song is a fucking banger!! Here at Toronto Central can not wait to see what’s in store for Kyle and Way Cool in the new year. Keep up the amazing work guys!!




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