The Toronto multi-talented singer, Ziyaad Luceō released a new “wavey”banger last month called “No Time”. This track also features another Toronto talent in the form of the rapper Kenny Coldcuts. The instrumental was created by LA producer, Baesic. “No Time” is another piece where Ziyaad shows off his versatile voice with a semi-aggressive verse that communicates he has literally no time or patience for bullshit and fake love. Coldcuts also hops on the same theme discussing similar topics. This song is a testament to all young artists that you should stay true to you and fuck all the other unnecessary fuckery that this industry tends to offer.

The instrumental is extremely wavey and somewhat hypnotic with an intense bass-line and floods the majority of the beat. This song samples a Naruto episode where two characters discuss revenge and how pointless it is. The sample relates to both verses which makes the song somewhat of a journey where you pick up on new and different things through start to finish.

Overall, the song and collaboration is amazing! We loved every second and are extremely excited to see what these guys have to offer in the future (hopefully another collab!!). Either way, we will always MAKE TIME for this two amazing artists!



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