Bane is a Toronto Westend rapper who has been on the Canadian rap radar for a minute now. With consistent released bangers and great connections throughout the city, some may say that this young man is on the right path. He is known for his gritty and drug-induced style (which is similar to a lot of Toronto rappers), but Bane has a large depth of lyricism which separates himself from other basic rappers we see nowadays.

Bane links up with another Toronto talent Ty Senoj to create a versatile banger entitled “Blood on My Hands”. First off, this instrumental is fucking amazing… It is produced by Canadian Edeez and he comes through to make a dope ass beat. Right off the bat, we recognized the James Blake sample of the song “Life Round Here”. The bass and hihats are prominent and the mixing is on point. What makes this song amazing is that the instrumental and the vocals blend together perfectly. When it comes to the verses/hook, they’re mad catchy and again Bane comes through with some dope low-key lyricism.

Overall, it is an understatement to say that Bane is next. With bangers like this, who can doubt the fact. “Blood on My Hands” is one of our favourite songs thus far in 2017! Great work guys!



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