Melvy Pockets is a well-known Brampton rapper. He is gaining more and more notoriety lately based on his personality and social media presence. Even though some may not like Melvy, he definitely has some promising songs to back him up. Most recently, he has been promoting his upcoming mixtape called “The Golden Child” by performing at multiple shows around his hometown, Brampton and the GTA region. Through the snippets we’ve seen all over his social outlets, it is obvious that he has a great energy on the stage and knows how to capitative an audience.

Melvy Pockets has released a new track called “Hot Head!”. His followthrough and selection of production is on point. Yet, there are some things that Melvy should work on to improve his craft. The most important thing he should work on is his engineering of his records. The mixing on “Hot Head!” isn’t as clear as it could be but this doesn’t take away from the song. The production is very similar to his other single called “Sippin’ Bacardi” and “Countin’ Money” which are very catchy with a nice bassline. His rapping style reminds us remotely of 21 savage (or 22 whatever floats your boat).

Overall, Melvy creates a nice little song in the form of “Hot Head!” but it could have been better with proper mixing and engineering. We would also suggest that he should try to be more courageous with this work with different techniques and flows but here at Toronto Central we know he’ll evolve with time. We’re still very excited to see what else Melvy Pockets has in store in the future. Maybe the Golden Child Mixtape??



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