Aiona is the new Way Cool signee. “You and I” is her very first record released and its definitely one to remember and cherish. Subtly, we’re starting to see the next big GTA based artists arises and it seems that Way Cool is taking a commanding statement at the forefront by adding more and more talent to their (already talanted) roster. Aiona’s sound fits perfectly with her team’s overall sonic and atmospheric vibes. It really goes to show that talent grows with numbers.

“You and I” is a dark and gloomy record that talks about broken relationships and the conflict between the ability/inability to love. The instrumental is produced by Aiona herself alongside fellow label-mate Kyle Wildfern. The beat is very ominous and suspenseful and left us with an eerie feeling. Aiona’s vocals fit perfectly on this song and really captivate the audience. Her lyrics are real and can be very relatable to a large amount of people nowadays. When listening we felt that “You and I” is a perfect song for the weather we have in Toronto right now; it’s like the best song to listen to on a rainy day.

All in all, we were instantly fan of Aiona and her song “You and I” from the intro. She has so much talent and potential that will only flourish with time. We can not wait for new material from her and Way Cool.



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