Like a breathe of fresh air, Toronto’s up and comer R&B vocalist Ziyaad Luceō releases a new single called “Broken Skies”. This single is produced by Raava [who also created another Luceō track, “For You (Patience)”]. This is Ziyaad’s first song of the year and it’s absolutely amazing. Here at Toronto Central we are huge fans of this young talented artist and it’s so rewarding to see his talents flourish with every release. The immediate factor that makes him a strong artist in this day and age is his ability to expand creativity into a large ranges of different sound and artistries. From “Yin Yang Bear” to “Broken Skies”, Ziyaad is able to produce unique melodic schemes and resonants with experimental instrumentals which ultimately creates amazing pieces of work.

Right off the bat, the song introduces a soft ambience of birds chirping. It later explodes into a heavy bass-driven instrumental that is layered with strong and dream-like vocals. The instrumental sets an atmospheric tone with a prominent bass line. Ziyaad lays down some strong vocals that are polished with soft auto-tune. Even though this song is only 2;07 minutes, it is definitely a strong showcase of what he can do.

We absolutely loved this song and it has been repeats since its release. Be prepared to see this young man blow up very soon. His music has too much potential to not grow and expand into something remarkable. Excellent work, Ziyaad!!



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