Canadian extreme hype-man Casa Lee releases a new banger called “Withdrawal”. As always, Casa Lee is able to show off his energy and intensity from track to track and this song is another piece of proof. “Withdrawal” is an absolute hype track and made us wanna fuck up a mosh pit ASAP! The instrumental is produced by BB and he went off with the slick high hits and the deep bass hit. Casa Lee matches and then surpasses the energy of the beat that will make his fans go through withdrawals waiting for another tune from him. The instrumental is a trap-looped oriented record where it allowed Casa to experiment his range of flows that made the 3:32 song perfectly become cohesive. The thing that makes Casa so dope is that he has influences from artists like XXXTENTACION and Night Lovell (to name a few) but twists the sound to create an original piece of art.

This is easily Casa Lee’s best song so far in his career so far and we can not wait to hear more from this young talent.



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