David Arcane is a Toronto hip hop artist who prides himself on lyricism and intense-filled flows and rhythms. David is still fairly unknown but has a huge upside awaiting in his future. “Vanquish” is one of the hardest songs we’ve heard so far this month and definitely deserves praise and support from Arcane’s peers/community. It will become a quick fan favourite because of (1) Arcane’s lyrics/emotion (2) the trap/jazz influenced experimental instrumental & (3) how the instrumental and subject matter work hand in hand.

“Vanquish” is produced by New Zealand producer Wayvee and he lays out an utterly amazing instrumental. It includes a tight and heavy base-line, subtle high hits and an amazing jazz sample that journeys throughout the beat. David Arcane matches the intensity and lays out a mad lyrical continuous verse (which is to be expected from him *See Below*).

Altogether, David Arcane is definitely reaching higher and higher heights when it comes to his lyricism and beat selection. “Vanquish” reminds his fanbase why they love his music and movement. Here at TC, we can not wait for new music from the young talent!



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