LD BANKO ~ 8 MILES (Shots for Everyone) [MUSIC VIDEO]

LD Banko reminds us why we love him and his music. He’s a storyteller at his finest and “8 Miles” is evidence. He presents a eery atmosphere of J.Cole and Isiah Rashad in their element and the way LD is rhyming we can’t see why he can’t get to that point. From the mellow and chilled instrumental to his smooth smooth SMOOTH flow, “8 Miles” is easily a fan favourite. Realness, energy and story telling makes LD Banko an elite talent in the Toronto rap scene. He seperates himself through versality and meaning filled lyrics which isn’t necessary shown consistently with other artists around the city. We are definitely gunna roll a fat spiff and spark up to “8 Miles” this summer and you should too! Shout out the homie LD Banko! Listen above!




The heartbreaking songtress Aiona has been busy lately. Releasing new content in forms of “Too Late” and “You & I” the music video. Both are high in quality, we connected with them instantly. Consistency seems to run through this girl’s veins because time and time again she sets out to amaze.


“Too Late” is an another Martin Sole produced track but with a twist. It has a higher tempo and presents a┬átrap/hip hop influences. Aiona spits some mad lyrical bars that are smoothed and mixed perfectly with her silk-like voice. It seems that Aiona is preaching a lot of women independence and strength. We feel that this is extremely unique because it is rare to see female artists openly express non-reliance on a male counterpart in their work. With each release, we see the progression of Aiona’s lyrical ability and vocal performance. This song will be on repeat for a very long time.


This music video is amazing. Very simplistic┬ábut an underlying story where a lot of people can connect to. It is directed by ShotByDrew and Civil Savage. We applaud Aiona and her visual team for incorporating her label-mates and Toronto scenery throughout her work. “You & I” has been our personal favourite from her and this music video solidifies why. Excellent work, excellence.


Kyle Wildfern dropped a new banger called “401 West” about a fortnight ago. With his usual collaborators, Martin Sole and Dviousmindz come through with another captivating instrumental. Time and time again, Wildfern and WayCool create a song that resonates with his raspy voice. Definitely a perfect song to listen to in the whip while riding around Downtown at night. Listen to “401 West” above.



Way Cool’s ring-leader Kyle Wildfern comes through with a tough freestyle entitled “Moneyx3 Freestyle”. The combination of Dviousmindz and Martin Sole create a heavy-interreactive production experience which was really the highlight of this track. Similar to his recent singles, Kyle talks about his talent and competitive nature, Way Cool and acquiring large amounts of money. Listen to “Moneyx3 Freestyle” above.




Brampton’s up and comer, Jviden links up with multi-talented producer dF to create a mellow banger called “Code”. This song is a narrative of Jviden’s life/struggles in his hometown Brampton. From talking about his competitive with his peers to his personal life, Jviden paints a clear picture of what is going on in his life certainly. If you’re from the B’s, you’ll appreciate the cover art as well. Keep your eye on this guy! Listen to “Code” above.



Way Cool’s multi-talented and diverse vocalist, Josh Dillon, releases a new record called “Ones”. “Ones” is produced by Martin Sole. Josh comes through with an amazing introspective track where he reflects on his life, aspirations and love life. With his smooth soulful vocals and quality production, “Ones” will easily be a fan favourite. Appreciate this excellent record above!