Kyle Wildfern dropped a new banger called “401 West” about a fortnight ago. With his usual collaborators, Martin Sole and Dviousmindz come through with another captivating instrumental. Time and time again, Wildfern and WayCool create a song that resonates with his raspy voice. Definitely a perfect song to listen to in the whip while riding around Downtown at night. Listen to “401 West” above.




Way Cool’s ring-leader Kyle Wildfern comes through with a tough freestyle entitled “Moneyx3 Freestyle”. The combination of Dviousmindz and Martin Sole create a heavy-interreactive production experience which was really the highlight of this track. Similar to his recent singles, Kyle talks about his talent and competitive nature, Way Cool and acquiring large amounts of money. Listen to “Moneyx3 Freestyle” above.




Way Cool’s new vocal addition, Aiona, drops another dark and mellow track called “Numb”. From her last single “You and I”, it is evident that Aiona is expanding on her passionate/sad type lyrics/vocals that are supported by a dark and ominous instrumentation. The instrumental on this one is produced by the talented Martin Sole and DviousMindz.

The thing that made “Numb” such an amazing song is that it is a perfect representation of how┬áit feels to be emotional unavailable or numb. Aiona was able to paint a story with her intense lyrics and connected with the audience her strong vocals that expressed passionate sadness. The beat is a great support to this theme. It was extremely dark and left a feeling of suspense. Altogether, it took the listener on a trip where they could connect to a narrative that everyone endures at least once in their life.

If you are in the feels or prone to being in the feels then…. still listen to this song. It’ll make you drop one-two tears but they’re be worth it. Aiona was able to effectively show her audience that she can produce amazing songs consistently. Great work, girl!!



Way Cool’s multi-talented producer, DviousMindZ releases another dope ass remix to Brampton’s Alessia Cara’s classic “Here”. What we love about his work is that he is so versatile with his creations. He can make intense bangers but can also produced creative jazz-type records. From the piano riffs to the soft drum roll, DviousMindz recreates another great┬áreedition of another popular song. (**Don’t even get us started about when the violins come in…**).

Altogether, this song is another short of amazing. Please support this widely-talented producer! He deserves so much more credit than what he gets.