Kenny Coldcuts is back with another banger called “Fast Car Money” which is produced by Emjay. This song is one of Kenny’s most catchy to date (and probably our quickest blog post to date as well). With a dope upbeat instrumental, Kenny lays out a smooth verse, hook and overall product that makes this song crazy lit. We could enjoy him performing this one and having the crowd super amped and bumping. Ever since his single from last year “Ain’t Goin’ Back”, Kenny has been on a progressional curve; he has improved his rhyming schemes, production and audio engineering. It’s amazing to see artists come into their own. Keep your eye on him as time goes on, he’ll be creating the next club banger in the future for sure. Listen above!




Kenny Coldcuts is back with another fire single called “Traphouse in Da 6”. This song is high-energy and has a very light feel to it. Kenny comes through with a catchy hook and verses (which is to be expected). Kenny is setting a steady pace of bangers on his Soundcloud Collection. Listen to “Traphouse in Da 6” above.



The Toronto multi-talented singer, Ziyaad Luceō released a new “wavey”banger last month called “No Time”. This track also features another Toronto talent in the form of the rapper Kenny Coldcuts. The instrumental was created by LA producer, Baesic. “No Time” is another piece where Ziyaad shows off his versatile voice with a semi-aggressive verse that communicates he has literally no time or patience for bullshit and fake love. Coldcuts also hops on the same theme discussing similar topics. This song is a testament to all young artists that you should stay true to you and fuck all the other unnecessary fuckery that this industry tends to offer.

The instrumental is extremely wavey and somewhat hypnotic with an intense bass-line and floods the majority of the beat. This song samples a Naruto episode where two characters discuss revenge and how pointless it is. The sample relates to both verses which makes the song somewhat of a journey where you pick up on new and different things through start to finish.

Overall, the song and collaboration is amazing! We loved every second and are extremely excited to see what these guys have to offer in the future (hopefully another collab!!). Either way, we will always MAKE TIME for this two amazing artists!



Kenny Coldcuts is a Brampton/Toronto rapper who has been gaining more and more popularity with each release. He is known for dark and edging “trap rap” that is very common in the Toronto scene. But Coldcuts brings something new to the table with each track which makes him interesting to a large amount of people.

“Ain’t Goin’ Back” displays a theme where Kenny is staying true to what he knows best. Stay true to his roots, his hood, and his music. Instead of these posers in the industry nowadays (**Cough Cough Soulja Boy**)  Kenny is expressing to his audience that whatever he talks about in his music is actually occurring in his life. He is REAL and nothing else. This song is produced by DJ Young Kash. The instrumental is hard, dark and intense. The baseline is deep and really overshadows the soft melodic themes that are combined in this particular beat. We feel that the beat and Kenny’s voice really resonants. Kenny’s edgy vocals mix perfectly with this dark fast-paced beat.

Overall, THIS SONG RIGHT HERE IS A FUCKING BANGER! We apologize to Kenny and his fans for not making a post earlier. But real shit, you’re majorly slipping if you ain’t on the Coldcuts wave…