LD BANKO ~ 8 MILES (Shots for Everyone) [MUSIC VIDEO]

LD Banko reminds us why we love him and his music. He’s a storyteller at his finest and “8 Miles” is evidence. He presents a eery atmosphere of J.Cole and Isiah Rashad in their element and the way LD is rhyming we can’t see why he can’t get to that point. From the mellow and chilled instrumental to his smooth smooth SMOOTH flow, “8 Miles” is easily a fan favourite. Realness, energy and story telling makes LD Banko an elite talent in the Toronto rap scene. He seperates himself through versality and meaning filled lyrics which isn’t necessary shown consistently with other artists around the city. We are definitely gunna roll a fat spiff and spark up to “8 Miles” this summer and you should too! Shout out the homie LD Banko! Listen above!




New music from one of our favourite up and comer Brampton rappers. Ld Banko is back with an extremely wavy mellow track called “Yea Yea”. Like always he comes through a catchy melody and dope ass lyrics. Listen to his new banger above.


LD Banko ~ Stripper Song

LD Banko is an up and coming Canadian rapper who prides himself on this melodic flows and talented producing abilities. He is still fairly new to us at TC but with the songs he has on his SoundCloud he has┬ádefinitely left an impression. He is able to make dope trap based records that should be heard in every club on a Saturday night but can also make some mellow lyrical tracks that you can spark to and vibe out. When listening to LD Banko, you clearly hear his talent of versatility and his multitude of flows. It’s an understatement to say that this young man has a wide depth of potential.

The song at hand is called “Stripper Song” where the title basically describes the theme of the record. This trap-driven track has a catchy flow attached with a dope instrumental. We can see this song being played at clubs repeatedly. Even though the theme is very simplistic, “Stripper Song” is just a fun song to turn up to!

Overall, we feel that this young man has a very bright future ahead of him. LD Banko has a lot of great abilities going for him and he’s only going to get better! Keep your eye out for this one!