Mickey Blue is back with another passionate single called “Occupied Elsewhere”. Time and time again, Mickey shows off his perfect vocals that are laid with emotional piano driven instrumental. Here at TC, we thoroughly enjoy Mickey’s new single. It’s beautifully dark and depressing. The lyrics are so amazing and touching. Enjoy his latest single above.




Way Cool’s multi-talented and diverse vocalist, Josh Dillon, releases a new record called “Ones”. “Ones” is produced by Martin Sole. Josh comes through with an amazing introspective track where he reflects on his life, aspirations and love life. With his smooth soulful vocals and quality production, “Ones” will easily be a fan favourite. Appreciate this excellent record above!





Way Cool’s new vocal addition, Aiona, drops another dark and mellow track called “Numb”. From her last single “You and I”, it is evident that Aiona is expanding on her passionate/sad type lyrics/vocals that are supported by a dark and ominous instrumentation. The instrumental on this one is produced by the talented Martin Sole and DviousMindz.

The thing that made “Numb” such an amazing song is that it is a perfect representation of how it feels to be emotional unavailable or numb. Aiona was able to paint a story with her intense lyrics and connected with the audience her strong vocals that expressed passionate sadness. The beat is a great support to this theme. It was extremely dark and left a feeling of suspense. Altogether, it took the listener on a trip where they could connect to a narrative that everyone endures at least once in their life.

If you are in the feels or prone to being in the feels then…. still listen to this song. It’ll make you drop one-two tears but they’re be worth it. Aiona was able to effectively show her audience that she can produce amazing songs consistently. Great work, girl!!



Like a breathe of fresh air, Toronto’s up and comer R&B vocalist Ziyaad Luceō releases a new single called “Broken Skies”. This single is produced by Raava [who also created another Luceō track, “For You (Patience)”]. This is Ziyaad’s first song of the year and it’s absolutely amazing. Here at Toronto Central we are huge fans of this young talented artist and it’s so rewarding to see his talents flourish with every release. The immediate factor that makes him a strong artist in this day and age is his ability to expand creativity into a large ranges of different sound and artistries. From “Yin Yang Bear” to “Broken Skies”, Ziyaad is able to produce unique melodic schemes and resonants with experimental instrumentals which ultimately creates amazing pieces of work.

Right off the bat, the song introduces a soft ambience of birds chirping. It later explodes into a heavy bass-driven instrumental that is layered with strong and dream-like vocals. The instrumental sets an atmospheric tone with a prominent bass line. Ziyaad lays down some strong vocals that are polished with soft auto-tune. Even though this song is only 2;07 minutes, it is definitely a strong showcase of what he can do.

We absolutely loved this song and it has been repeats since its release. Be prepared to see this young man blow up very soon. His music has too much potential to not grow and expand into something remarkable. Excellent work, Ziyaad!!



Aiona is the new Way Cool signee. “You and I” is her very first record released and its definitely one to remember and cherish. Subtly, we’re starting to see the next big GTA based artists arises and it seems that Way Cool is taking a commanding statement at the forefront by adding more and more talent to their (already talanted) roster. Aiona’s sound fits perfectly with her team’s overall sonic and atmospheric vibes. It really goes to show that talent grows with numbers.

“You and I” is a dark and gloomy record that talks about broken relationships and the conflict between the ability/inability to love. The instrumental is produced by Aiona herself alongside fellow label-mate Kyle Wildfern. The beat is very ominous and suspenseful and left us with an eerie feeling. Aiona’s vocals fit perfectly on this song and really captivate the audience. Her lyrics are real and can be very relatable to a large amount of people nowadays. When listening we felt that “You and I” is a perfect song for the weather we have in Toronto right now; it’s like the best song to listen to on a rainy day.

All in all, we were instantly fan of Aiona and her song “You and I” from the intro. She has so much talent and potential that will only flourish with time. We can not wait for new material from her and Way Cool.



New song from one of our favourites, Ziyaad Luceō comes through with a refreshing remake of Designer’s hit single “Panda” which he cleverly named “Yin Yang Bear”. This amazing instrumental is produced by GeoTheory and is mixed and mastered by Ziyaad Luceō himself. This song also features Jai Mar$hin. Ziyaad is back at it again with yet another banger, the Toronto-based artist has been killing it recently and this release had us on the edge of our seats waiting for more.

Ziyaad choses another instrumental with a beat switch but this time it is more upbeat and fast paced than we are used to hearing from him. “Yin Yang Bear” showcases Ziyaad’s raw talent by keeping a great amount of diversity between his songs which is why many people love the up and coming R&B artist. A nice relaxing vibe with contradictory explicit lyrics is fitting with the title of the track. This song talks about a range of different subject matters that all interlock such as drugs, his musical aspirations and his frustrations in his life. Our favourite line was ‘Like Mike Off the Wall, I’m the next King of the Fall’ which can be very possible with the direction Luceō is heading of late. After Ziyaad’s verse, there was an intense and artistic as fuck beat drop that transitions to a quality verse from Jai Mar$hin which added more energy and hype. The track concludes with a brief narrative that brings the whole song together.

We absolutely LOVED this song! It has been on repeat since it was released. It’s amazing to see how versatile Ziyaad Luceō can be from song to song. His unique voice reminds us little bit of the old House of Balloons “The Weeknd” and Michael Jackson. Here are Toronto Central can not wait for his next release and what else he has in store. If there is any piece of suggestion we could offer Ziyaad is to keep improving his vocal strength and continue to be experimental with his songs. This young man has some profound in his horizon, mark our words!