LD BANKO ~ 8 MILES (Shots for Everyone) [MUSIC VIDEO]

LD Banko reminds us why we love him and his music. He’s a storyteller at his finest and “8 Miles” is evidence. He presents a eery atmosphere of J.Cole and Isiah Rashad in their element and the way LD is rhyming we can’t see why he can’t get to that point. From the mellow and chilled instrumental to his smooth smooth SMOOTH flow, “8 Miles” is easily a fan favourite. Realness, energy and story telling makes LD Banko an elite talent in the Toronto rap scene. He seperates himself through versality and meaning filled lyrics which isn’t necessary shown consistently with other artists around the city. We are definitely gunna roll a fat spiff and spark up to “8 Miles” this summer and you should too! Shout out the homie LD Banko! Listen above!




Kenny Coldcuts is back with another banger called “Fast Car Money” which is produced by Emjay. This song is one of Kenny’s most catchy to date (and probably our quickest blog post to date as well). With a dope upbeat instrumental, Kenny lays out a smooth verse, hook and overall product that makes this song crazy lit. We could enjoy him performing this one and having the crowd super amped and bumping. Ever since his single from last year “Ain’t Goin’ Back”, Kenny has been on a progressional curve; he has improved his rhyming schemes, production and audio engineering. It’s amazing to see artists come into their own. Keep your eye on him as time goes on, he’ll be creating the next club banger in the future for sure. Listen above!



Mickey Blue is back with another passionate single called “Occupied Elsewhere”. Time and time again, Mickey shows off his perfect vocals that are laid with emotional piano driven instrumental. Here at TC, we thoroughly enjoy Mickey’s new single. It’s beautifully dark and depressing. The lyrics are so amazing and touching. Enjoy his latest single above.



UTU’s TripSixx is back with some elite fire in the form of “Casino”. It is produced by Krinny and he comes through with a fucking tough instrumental with amazing high hats and smooth bassline. This is guaranteed to blow up. Yes, that is a bold statement but “Casino” meets all criteria for a viral song; 1) Dope bars 2) Melody 3) Amazing instrumentation 4) Clean audio engineering. TripSixx is solidifying himself as a legitimate ringleader for UTU and the Toronto rap scene. If you are not milly rocking the fuck out the club to this song at a club, you’re a fucking lame straight up. Excellent work. MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO TO THIS TRIP.



What can we say… Kennedy Rd is the real deal. With each release, she has collectively gotten better and better. “Take Away” is her latest single and it’s perfection. From her angel-like vocals to the amazing production (by Nova Gholar), altogether she can do no wrong. We are starting to realize that Kennedy’s lyrics are extremely underrated because when listening you are completely mesmerised by her vocal ability. Again similar to her latest release, she drops a music video to accompany his amazing single. The music video (much like the single) is a trip. When we first listened to the audio, we immediately imagined being on a beach by the sea. Surprising enough, the music video is based on a LA beach. Kennedy Rd has left us speechless once again. She is definitely paving her path to greatness. Aaliyah vibes.



Toronto’s multitalented and rising R&B vocalist, Ziyaad Luceō releases a new record called “Tranquility Continuum” which is a tribute song to his 2015 mixtape “The Tranquility EP-ish” (which is still available on Datpiff www.datpiff.com/Ziyaad-Luceo-The-…xtape.704937.html). Ziyaad is definitely one of our favourites on the come up and here’s the reasoning behind that. He isn’t scared to be an outlier (pun INTENDED). Time and time again, Ziyaad is able to captivate his audience/fan base with different sounds that aren’t foreign to the listener but different enough to make him extremely easy to remember and love. “Tranquility Continuum” is smooth, mellow and extremely lyrical with vocals that flow effortlessly throughout the record. The lyrics incorporate all the titles of his mixtape with a twist that relates to his current story. Even though this may be his least climatic song, it’s still captivating and really hones into the tranquility feeling. Ziyaad is paving his way to success and we are fully behind him and his movement. Definitely an artist to keep both your eyes on moving forward. Listen above.

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