Toronto’s multitalented and rising R&B vocalist, Ziyaad Luceō releases a new record called “Tranquility Continuum” which is a tribute song to his 2015 mixtape “The Tranquility EP-ish” (which is still available on Datpiff www.datpiff.com/Ziyaad-Luceo-The-…xtape.704937.html). Ziyaad is definitely one of our favourites on the come up and here’s the reasoning behind that. He isn’t scared to be an outlier (pun INTENDED). Time and time again, Ziyaad is able to captivate his audience/fan base with different sounds that aren’t foreign to the listener but different enough to make him extremely easy to remember and love. “Tranquility Continuum” is smooth, mellow and extremely lyrical with vocals that flow effortlessly throughout the record. The lyrics incorporate all the titles of his mixtape with a twist that relates to his current story. Even though this may be his least climatic song, it’s still captivating and really hones into the tranquility feeling. Ziyaad is paving his way to success and we are fully behind him and his movement. Definitely an artist to keep both your eyes on moving forward. Listen above.

This aint 21 bitch this 22



About a month ago, Toronto’s emerging R&B vocalist released a cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling with Awesome AUX LLC and renamed it “1-800-BELAMENINA” (which means “beautiful woman or girl” in Spanish). This song is produced by the multi-talented producer Whoarei (who has previously worked with Kendrick Lamar). Ziyaad has proved time and time again that he can consistently release dope songs with ease. This time he shows us his vocal strength and an extremely clean end-product. Listen to “1-800-BELAMENINA” above.

This aint 21 bitch this 22


Heartbreak perfectly painted in this song. Toronto’s rising star is setting a consistent amount of quality lately and he continues this trend with his new single. “Lost in Translation (What Happened to Us?)” is a communication of a relatable story of sadness and despair when a perfect relationship isn’t perfect anymore. This song is produced by Chicago’s production group, ThemPeople (whom are known for the work with Chance the Rapper [on his 10 Day tape]) and they came through with one of most experimentally smooth and somewhat haunting instrumental we’ve heard all year. Ziyaad continues with his dark, moody, atmospheric and melodic sound/theme with his new banger. Check out the amazing song above.



Like a breathe of fresh air, Toronto’s up and comer R&B vocalist Ziyaad Luceō releases a new single called “Broken Skies”. This single is produced by Raava [who also created another Luceō track, “For You (Patience)”]. This is Ziyaad’s first song of the year and it’s absolutely amazing. Here at Toronto Central we are huge fans of this young talented artist and it’s so rewarding to see his talents flourish with every release. The immediate factor that makes him a strong artist in this day and age is his ability to expand creativity into a large ranges of different sound and artistries. From “Yin Yang Bear” to “Broken Skies”, Ziyaad is able to produce unique melodic schemes and resonants with experimental instrumentals which ultimately creates amazing pieces of work.

Right off the bat, the song introduces a soft ambience of birds chirping. It later explodes into a heavy bass-driven instrumental that is layered with strong and dream-like vocals. The instrumental sets an atmospheric tone with a prominent bass line. Ziyaad lays down some strong vocals that are polished with soft auto-tune. Even though this song is only 2;07 minutes, it is definitely a strong showcase of what he can do.

We absolutely loved this song and it has been repeats since its release. Be prepared to see this young man blow up very soon. His music has too much potential to not grow and expand into something remarkable. Excellent work, Ziyaad!!



The Toronto multi-talented singer, Ziyaad Luceō released a new “wavey”banger last month called “No Time”. This track also features another Toronto talent in the form of the rapper Kenny Coldcuts. The instrumental was created by LA producer, Baesic. “No Time” is another piece where Ziyaad shows off his versatile voice with a semi-aggressive verse that communicates he has literally no time or patience for bullshit and fake love. Coldcuts also hops on the same theme discussing similar topics. This song is a testament to all young artists that you should stay true to you and fuck all the other unnecessary fuckery that this industry tends to offer.

The instrumental is extremely wavey and somewhat hypnotic with an intense bass-line and floods the majority of the beat. This song samples a Naruto episode where two characters discuss revenge and how pointless it is. The sample relates to both verses which makes the song somewhat of a journey where you pick up on new and different things through start to finish.

Overall, the song and collaboration is amazing! We loved every second and are extremely excited to see what these guys have to offer in the future (hopefully another collab!!). Either way, we will always MAKE TIME for this two amazing artists!



New song from one of our favourites, Ziyaad Luceō comes through with a refreshing remake of Designer’s hit single “Panda” which he cleverly named “Yin Yang Bear”. This amazing instrumental is produced by GeoTheory and is mixed and mastered by Ziyaad Luceō himself. This song also features Jai Mar$hin. Ziyaad is back at it again with yet another banger, the Toronto-based artist has been killing it recently and this release had us on the edge of our seats waiting for more.

Ziyaad choses another instrumental with a beat switch but this time it is more upbeat and fast paced than we are used to hearing from him. “Yin Yang Bear” showcases Ziyaad’s raw talent by keeping a great amount of diversity between his songs which is why many people love the up and coming R&B artist. A nice relaxing vibe with contradictory explicit lyrics is fitting with the title of the track. This song talks about a range of different subject matters that all interlock such as drugs, his musical aspirations and his frustrations in his life. Our favourite line was ‘Like Mike Off the Wall, I’m the next King of the Fall’ which can be very possible with the direction Luceō is heading of late. After Ziyaad’s verse, there was an intense and artistic as fuck beat drop that transitions to a quality verse from Jai Mar$hin which added more energy and hype. The track concludes with a brief narrative that brings the whole song together.

We absolutely LOVED this song! It has been on repeat since it was released. It’s amazing to see how versatile Ziyaad Luceō can be from song to song. His unique voice reminds us little bit of the old House of Balloons “The Weeknd” and Michael Jackson. Here are Toronto Central can not wait for his next release and what else he has in store. If there is any piece of suggestion we could offer Ziyaad is to keep improving his vocal strength and continue to be experimental with his songs. This young man has some profound in his horizon, mark our words!



It is definitely evident that a new generation of artists are arising out of Toronto. The future is literally blooming right before our eyes and most of us don’t even realize it. The 6ix has become more and more of an icon when it comes to musical cities (thanks to Drake, The Weeknd and Tory Lanez). But not everyone knows that the list of notable Torontian artists doesn’t end those three names. The Toronto underground is more talented, diverse and powerful nowadays and they’re making a stoplight for themselves. All eyes are on us and Jorge El Mago and King Jzargo are reflecting that. And how perfect is to have our first blog post be about this type of subject matter.

These two Brampton rappers come together to create a banger of a track called “New Generation”. The instrumental is produced by GHXST and surprising mixed and mastered by Jzargo’s label mate, Ziyaad Luceō. We’re familiar with King Jzargo’s music because of his connections with the up and coming indie label Outlier Entertainment but when it comes to Jorge El Mago, we’re still getting to know him. We’ve listened to a few singles and was interested to see what else he had in store which would separate him from other artists in his city and beyond. Jorge is excellent at making a catchy melody too which is shown in singles like “Fuego” and “Best” (links below). Even though, quality wise he can improve, artistically and lyrically he definitely has talent and potential.

Which brings us to this particular single. “New Generation” is definitely one of Jorge El Mago’s best song so far. He improved his quality and made his voice more clear and crisp. His lyrics were on point. And the special effects made the track more appealing and captivating (shoutout to Ziyaad Luceō on that one). We really enjoyed how Jorge was able to convey his thoughts of confidence clearly with an interesting 90’s type flow. Plus he choose a great feature in Outlier’s King Jzargo. Jzargo came through with an impressive verse with some comedic lines such as “They don’t make them how they used to, that’s why I’m rarely seen just like a MewTwo“. Again, the sound effects on his verse made it more entertaining. The deepen vocals really set the mood towards the outro of the song. Clearly, these two talented rapper both came through with an amazing song and it is obvious that they sound good together. Hopefully, we hear more from Jorge El Mago and King Jzargo soon!